August 26, 2019

Have you ever been known for something that wasn’t a talent or a performance, but simply an expression of your joy?  Do you still have it?  Did you set it down for...

August 21, 2019

Today I took my goofy dog Alfred out for a walk. We live now on the edge of Loch Fyne on the west coast of Scotland. It’s beautiful here. And lots of people enjoy t...

July 29, 2019

I’ve never been very graceful about advocating for myself.

It’s usually because I waited WAY too long to actually say something out loud to the appropriate person. A...

July 28, 2019

Sharing today about one of the most difficult versions of Permission I personally encounter.  I have to constantly work on giving myself permission to be happy. Rea...

July 25, 2019

Image copyright of TriStar Pictures Inc from Jerry Maguire.

My Jerry Maguire moment came unexpectedly, I guess they often do.

I’ve spent decades of my life immersed i...

July 17, 2019

Summer greetings to you all from the wild west coast of Scotland. I’ve based myself here recently to keep working on giving myself permission and taking my work out...

June 14, 2019

I was giving myself Permission to not take action on my dreams.

And I'm kind of mad about it. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. But once I started creatin...

June 5, 2019

Greetings from my front edge of figuring out how to give myself permission to find myself worthy.  Recently I've moved to Scotland (you can follow along with that a...

May 3, 2019

No one teaches us how to give ourselves permission despite telling us it is something we must do. Let's change that.

April 17, 2019

One of my dreams is to make the world a gentler place. Not a different place, but one where we have the energy left to engage with the bad things like climate chang...

April 12, 2019

We usually want something before we know how to get it.  We perhaps want to feel more free, or to feel more secure, or how to give ourselves permission to do many t...

April 5, 2019

It’s not surprising to me that 45% of people who take the Permission Personality Quiz wonder exactly what is meant when they hear “You have to give yourself permiss...

March 28, 2019

Permission is so personal.  There is no one size fits all.  What I most want, you might run from with all you've got.  What we can want for each other is the permis...

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