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Be part of the creation of my Argyll novel from the start. Receive serialized chapters each month along with character profiles, and deep dives into my research and source information as we go.

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    A front row seat to my Argyll novel as it happens.
    • Monthly chapter drafts and source information discussions.
    • Character profiles, artwork and inspiration!
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    • including launches or tours surrounding the finished work.
    • My vast gratitude for your belief in me & this story to be.

The montly subscrption auto-renews each month on the same date you purchased. You can cancel at any time. There is only one payment ever with the Advocate Tier.

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Just before I moved to Scotland I had a dream that an eagle brought me a book while

I was standing on a beach there.    It was really old and very beautiful.  I knew it meant I would be gifted a story during my time living in Argyll.  And I was.  It's a piece of fiction that comes directly from the landscape.  A story I had to walk into my bones and uncover very slowly.  It was also a story I had to leave to write.  One of the final messages I received tucked into my little hermit retreat came when the old rowan tree behind my house fell.  "You were protected here, but never safe."  Imagine the age of Saints colliding with wild, but tended landscapes of the oldest ancestors.  A landscape of rock and sea on the west coast of Scotland with its own sovereignty and slower destiny becomes the

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