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The perfect gift for anyone in your life that craves slowing down, reconnecting with nature, and perhaps running away to Scotland to stay!


Each month as part of my adventure to make a new life in a remote cottage on the west coast of Scotland, subscribers receive a good old fashioned letter in the post from me.  The letters contain insight into the experience of what I call rewilding my life, trying to slow down, get reconnected with the land, animals, and seasons, and reroot myself in the land of my ancestors.  I explore what's growing, what the creatures are doing, and ways in which the life-style adjustment affects me.


The letters are always whimsically decorated (like those in the picture) with a part of life here that has inspired me this month.  


When you purchase the Christmas Package you will receive:

  • A Gift Letter to present to your nominee explaining the gift and what to expect.  This will be mailed to the purchaser for all orders prior to December 1 outside the United Kingdom and prior to December 15th within.  After that it will be delivered as a pdf for you to print.
  • 3 months of letters from the Cottage (the same as those received by my Patreon subscribers) mailed directly to them from Scotland.  First Class Royal Mail.  I try to use the most interesting stamps I can each month too to really celebrate the experience of receiving a beautiful piece of mail.
  • The letters will be sent in January, February, and March 2020.


Make sure you provide me with both your address and that for the recipient of the gift.  The package price includes all postage.

Give a touch of Scotland for the holidays

  • There are no refunds available for this package once the gift letter has been dispatched. (You will be notified by email when that is fulfilled). is not responsible for the postal delivery service or any errors they might make.  If a letter isn't received we'll happily send a digital copy to replace the missing one.  But we cannot resend physical copies due to the expense.

    Please make sure you carefully check the recipient's address details.  We are not responsible for any errors that may be made.



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