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This online course is designed to help coaches, mentors, and teachers add value to their business through incorporating Permission and exploring how to centre consent in their offerings.  It is also a way for individuals to deepen their own practises and consider what they might require of their teachers in the future.


The course is delivered electronically.  Each day of the course you will receive an email with a link to a new audio lesson and PDF notes to download.  After Day 3 you will be able to navigate back and forth through all the lessons so you don't have to keep up with some imagined timeline to finish.  Take your time or go as fast as you like.

Course Outline:


Why Permission is so important to your coaching business and what is the role it can play in building the future.

Day 1:  

What is Permission?

Day 2:  

How do you give yourself and teach others

how to give themselves Permission? 

Day 3:  

Helping your clients use Permission to take action

on what they are learning.

Day 4: 

Getting permission to be their teacher.  

How a consent based learning culture will change the world.

Day 5:

Permission Toolkit examples and exercises

of how to add permission to your work.  

Permission for Coaches Course

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  • You can request a full refund for the course from the point of purchase through the end of the 24 hour period on which you receive the materials for Day 2.  We will refund the full amount minus any payment processing charges (Maximum of $10).  Please contact us at to make your request and include your order number.  



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