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The third and last volume in the series Letters from the Gardeners Cottage. Twelve more letters, musings, pictures and artwork inspired by the author's time on a remote estate on the west coast of Scotland.


Praise for Letters from The Gardeners Cottage: The First Year:


A sensation of peace distilled into pages. I loved it. --Allison, UK


If you've ever wondered what it's like to leave a high profile job, move to a remote country cottage and live with the land, this book is for you. Instead of running away from her life, Susie discovers she is running towards herself, her truth, and the wisdom of Mother Nature. This book is delightful and a must read. -- BBM, USA


Letters from the Gardeners Cottage is a joy. I was thoroughly hooked. Susie's way of writing and putting into words her experience in Argyll are so captivating. It's like she's sitting next to me, telling me stories of discover and adventure. Susie is a true inspiration with so much to share with and teach us all. -- RM, UK



Letters from the Gardeners Cottage Volume3

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