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Books & Letters from The Gardeners Cottage

Letters from
The Gardeners Cottage
The full 3 Volume Series now available!

Ever wanted to run away to Scotland and stay?  Join SL Sourwine on her adventure to Argyll.  Based on the popular Patreon series, each chapter is a monthly letter describing the wonders, trials, and learnings that come from taking time to rewild yourself.  SL Sourwine shares her own stories of reconnecting with nature, the ancient archeology of the landscape, and her ancestors.  Each volume includes a year of letters, colour photos, and the artwork that decorated the envelopes that month.

Available in paperback and eBook.

Paperbacks ordered directly will be shipped out approximately once a week on Mondays.

Some online retailers may show it as "out of stock."  The books are printed on demand and so technically that's not true.  Every order encourages the retailers to order it more quickly. Thank you!

The complete three book series of Letters from the Gardeners Cottage available now.
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Monthly Letter Subscription

The ongoing letter subscriptions completed on the 36th edition in April 2022.  Thank you to everyone who took part.


Be part of the ongoing adventure and receive a lovely, old-fashioned letter in the mail each month from here at the cottage. 

Join in the journey of spending time with nature, rest as a radical act, figuring out how to rebuild a more sustainable life in all ways and be a better resident on this precious planet.  

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