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How to Give Yourself Permission Mini-Course

What actually is Permission?  How can I learn to give it to myself?

Take a deeper dive into your journey with Permission during this mini-course.  If you find yourself stuck and unable to move towards something you really want, you probably need Permission.  If you have all the tools and none of the time, you probably need Permission.  If you're always deep at the bottom of your own to-do list, you probably need Permission.  Permission is a skill that once learned can be used over and over again to make conscious decisions to create the life you dream of living.  

This mini-course gives you the clear and concise foundations of how to do it.


In the course you will hear:

  • What Permission is and what it isn't.

  • The Change Cycle and where Permission plays a part.

  • Why so many women have trouble with giving themselves Permission and how to tackle it.

  • Tools to actively give yourself Permission to take action towards the life you want.


The course will be delivered as an audio lesson (approximately 20 minutes) supported by notes in pdf form.  It also contains access to a digital or audio copy of A Little Book of Permission to help you start to declutter obligation.

There is significant intellectual property in the course which will all be delivered simultaneously.  For that reason we will not be offering refunds on this course.  Please make sure you are happy to make this investment prior to completing your purchase.  Thank you!

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