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Learn to trust your ability to make decisions and take action towards the life you dream about.

Are you feeling stuck or buried? 

What's stopping you right now from living the life you actually want?  Are you feeling stuck, unable to pursue what you truly desire?  Are your goals slipping away due to a lack of time or constantly being buried under your to-do list?  Are you always delaying taking action on your dreams until you finish all that you "should" do first?  

Do you want to be the person always checking items off your Bucket List?


To take the actions that get you experiencing the life you want, you need to understand how to trust yourself, make decisions and take action towards your dreams.  And that's so hard to learn alone!  This world has not been designed to make learning this easy.  But I want to change that for as many of us as I can.  

🌟How to Give Yourself Permission is here to guide you through this transformative journey!🌟

Course Overview:

🔍 Understanding Permission: Discover the true essence of Permission and unravel its significance in your life. Learn what it is and, more importantly, what it isn't. Gain insights into how Permission can be a powerful tool for conscious decision-making.

🔄 The Change Cycle: Explore the Change Cycle and identify the crucial role that Permission plays in its various phases. This course will help you navigate through the cycle, empowering you to embrace change with confidence.

🌸 Empowering Women: Uncover why many women struggle with giving themselves Permission. Delve into the societal and personal factors that contribute to this challenge and, more importantly, acquire strategies to overcome it.

🛠️ Practical Tools: Equip yourself with actionable tools to actively grant Permission and take decisive steps towards the life you dream of. This course provides you with practical strategies that can be applied repeatedly to create lasting change.  You only need to take the course once to change things forever.

Course Format:


🎧 Audio Lesson (Approx. 20 Minutes):  This concise yet impactful lesson is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.  Listen to it over and over each time you need to remember your options.

📄 Comprehensive PDF Notes: Enhance your learning with downloadable PDF notes that complement the audio content. Use them as a reference to reinforce key concepts and strategies.


Why Choose How to Give Yourself Permission?

✨ Repeatable Skill: Once you grasp the art of giving yourself Permission, you gain a skill that can be applied consistently in various aspects of your life. It's a game-changer for those seeking a conscious and purposeful existence.

🌈 Create Your Dream Life: Empower yourself to make intentional decisions that align with your dreams and aspirations. This course is a stepping stone towards creating the life you've always envisioned.

🌟 Act Now and Transform Your Life! Don't let the lack of Permission hold you back any longer. Enroll in "How to Give Yourself Permission" Audio Course today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Your dream life awaits, and it starts with giving yourself the Permission to pursue it!

You don't have to wait any longer to get started on your life. Enroll now!

There is significant intellectual property in the course which will all be delivered simultaneously.  For that reason we will not be offering refunds on this course.  Please make sure you are happy to make this investment prior to completing your purchase.  Thank you!

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