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Saints and Stones...

I am currently in the process of writing my novel based on the story of the ancient terrain of western Argyll, the people that inhabited it across  time, and the imaginings that came to me as I walked its landscapes during three years of life there.

I've decided to share the process of the becoming of this work as I go.  Saints and Stones Newsletter, where I’m sharing the process of writing, researching, remembering, and adventuring down the odd rabbit-hole on my way through the creation of my work.  Inspired by my time and relationship with the landscape on a coastal estate in Argyll for three years (you can read about that in my book Letters from the Gardeners Cottage) these are the stories that were being revealed and gifted to me while I lived there.

History, archeology, dreaming, landscape, myth, and mystics are all inserting themselves in the weaving of these tales. The stories are not coming out in a neat order where it will be sequentially serialised. Expect instead shared chapter drafts, character profiles, research learnings, some artwork that can be part of my creative process, maybe interviews, podcasts and random virtual events.

The majority of the work will be by subscription, but I promise to wander down an ancient deer path with everyone as often as I can.

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