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"An understanding of the relationship between
Giving Yourself Permission and personal sovereignty
underlies every attempt at growth.  There are reasons we haven't been taught this work and it's so important to be able to apply if you are attempting to change your own world or help others change theirs."

                                              - SL Sourwine

Everyone always tells you "just give yourself permission," 

but never tells you exactly what that means.

I'm on a mission to clear that up for you once and for all!   I have heard everyone from Oprah to Brene Brown to business and life coaches say these words and never explain!  In the course of making some big life changes of my own, quitting a successful corporate business development career to eventually moving to a remote area of western Scotland, I got really curious about getting this process down on paper.  I have spent the last five years working to articulate and explain Permission.  For me I couldn't even contemplate actioning the big dramatic changes I wanted to make until I had a bit of space to breathe.  I published my A Little Book of Permission in 2017 and from there created Courses for individuals and leaders on the work.  I made it my mission to tell you exactly what it means to give Permission to yourself, and how it affects so much of our lives and dreams.


If you are stuck or scared about taking steps to the next big dream of yours, you'll want to understand the Permission process and where it lives on what I call the Change Cycle.

If you are trying to coach or teach people to make life changes this process will help you understand what your clients will need at every step of the change cycle and how when you are skipping some steps you won't see the results  your methods can actually deliver.

Permission is for the change makers.

Understanding Permission is a powerful key to enacting changes in our lives that lead to choosing your best life for yourself.  You don't need to understand how to give yourself permission if you are satisfied with the status quo.  We haven't been taught explicitly how to give ourselves permission because we live amongst systems that are completely happy with the status quo.  If you dream of doing things your way, as your true self, sharing your joy, and your creativity, and your knowledge you are part of changing the whole thing.  That's why it can be daunting.  That's why it can freeze you right up and we can start judging ourselves for not making good things happen???  Why do we do that, and when we don't have the answer we get even more stuck.  Through my work I hope to show you how to see that loop and the opportunities that are there to make a different choice.  


Today could be the first day you understand how to say yes to yourself and take action on your dreams. I made the audio course "How To Give Yourself Permission" for you.  It only takes 20 minutes to listen, but it just might change everything. 

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