SL Sourwine lives in a sweet cottage on the edge of Loch Fyne in Scotland trying to keep all of the bits of her passions moving in approximately the same direction.  This involves lots of walking with her Old English Sheepdog companion Alfred.  Building a twenty-year career in international horse racing with only her passion for horses, the sport, and an English degree, her experiences ranged from being the volunteer flower gardener at the tiniest of courses in Saskatchewan, Canada to being involved with a winner at Royal Ascot.  Going on to start her own consulting company, the freedom to work on innovative projects led her to founding a new technology company and to finally start to get some books out of her head and onto paper. 

Susie is passionate about shedding the internal systems that keep people from reaching for the life and work they want.  Her first book A Little Book of Permission and the short audio course on How to Give Yourself Permission is a simple way to get started on the journey to your dreams.  She also tackles bringing the concept of Permission and how to centre consent for those working as mentors and coaches.  These days Susie applies twenty years of marketing and strategic experience at the apex of one of the wealthiest industries in the world with her passion to help women succeed and impact the world in a positive way.


In early 2019 taking her own advice, Susie moved to Scotland.  Follow along on her Scottish adventures in rewilding her own life and reclaiming her own permission to have a deeper relationship with nature at The Gardeners Cottage.  A book of her first year of Letters from The Gardeners Cottage is now available and you can continue along on the adventure with her on Instagram and Patreon.