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If you have ever wanted to run away to the wilds of Scotland and stay, I invite you to come along as I share the story of a life unfolding at The Gardeners Cottage.  Beginning in April 2019 I packed up my life and started the next great adventure in a rented cottage and greenhouse on a slightly wild estate on the west coast of Scotland.  I'm attempting to rewild and reroot myself while I search for a slower, more sustainable life with a deeper connection to a place I've longed for.  I began writing monthly, old-fashioned letters in the mail to my Patreon subscribers.  This book is the collection of the first full year of writing and wandering the hundres of acres of the estate, including visiting the standing stones and neolithic cairn, introducing myself and my Old English Sheepdog Alfred to the ancient tress in ithe woodland and the seals that visit the loch shores.

Letters from The Gardeners Cottage: The First Year

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