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Private Possibility Sessions

Feeling a bit stuck, scared, or overwhelmed with the idea of all that you want or need to do?  Do you have so many options to choose from that you are afraid to take one step forward because it might cost you the rest?  Do you have all the learning, but still haven't taken the action?  Is there that one thing you have always dreamed of doing, but you just can't even imagine how to make it real and not a dream?


I invite you to register today for a Possibility Session to better understand the terrain of where you are. There are so many choices you can make to get moving forward again towards that life that you really want.  Let's talk about them.

I think of Possibility Sessions as beginning to draw the new edition expedition map of the great adventure of your life.  (I love maps and collect globes so forgive me if I runaway with the metaphor.)  For our session you give me your understanding of your current GPS coordinates and together we start to figure out where you want to go from here.  We'll measure some distances, understand the difficulty of the terrain and how that might affect your speed, and discuss how to prioritise what's most important.  You can do a Possibility Session if you're headed to university or into retirement, choosing to make a career change or just wanting to move forward from where you are.  Age has no impact on the decision to do your best at being you.


In a Possibility Session we will discuss where your are and where you dream to be.  I'm not a coach, instead we will strategise and worth through some of the concepts of How to Give Yourself Permission to where you are right now:

  • removing destructive obligation beliefs,

  • remembering your own concept of self-determination where you can,

  • acknowledging the choices you actually have from your current position and the ones you don't, 

  • and using self-permission to learn to set boundaries.  


During our session I'll also apply my extensive experience as a strategic consultant in the global horse racing industry to talk over grounded plans of action with you.  For years I have used my ability to look at problems and opportunities with an ultra-wide angle vision to evaluate corporate assets, understand competitive landscapes, identify potential allies and flag risks to deliver efficient and measurable progress plans for my clients' ambitious goals.  I want to do that for you now.  Life is so short and I want you to be that most authentic, lit-up version of yourself you are longing to be.  Sometimes you just need someone to help you tear down a few obstacles, discuss the option you forgot, and maybe suggest a couple of routes to explore.

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