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Permission to take a little extra care

One of the greatest pleasures I've had with this publishing project is actually sending the books out to all you wonderful people who have ordered them. I wanted to make the receiving of them feel special, to make the moment of you receiving permission for yourself, or the others to whom you generously gifted the book, something that started with a bit of beauty and care. So I wrapped each order up with a little extra love before entrusting the books' journeys to the post office. I hope you felt that when you received them.

I think it is all down to the stickers. I have a confession to make and it involves stickers. I love stickers! While I was waiting for the books to arrive from the printer the sheets of stickers had me swooning in anticipation of affixing them to each order. I don't have to hide how much this excited me! Where do you give yourself permission to take a little extra care that's not required? I'd love to know.

I'm so happy to report that I'm down to the last 30 copies of A Little Book of Permission! I can hardly believe how wonderful the reception to the book has been. I'll write soon about my plans for the next steps and a more mass market offering, but for now if you have yet to get your copy of this special private edition, or want one as a gift, please order soon.


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