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Do you withhold happiness?

Sharing today about one of the most difficult versions of Permission I personally encounter. I have to constantly work on giving myself permission to be happy. Really happy, relaxed, without worry or hyper-vigilence for spotting incoming problems. It makes me sad when I catch myself, but I'm so glad I have the tools to handle these emotions when they arrive.

Have you ever had a hard time letting yourself be happy? Like when the best things have happened and you have so much of what you dreamed and you start to worry and panic and forget to enjoy it, lean into it, or be able to relax.

I want to assure you that it’s perfectly normal that this happens to you. I am so done with a world that doesn’t talk about how much permission you have to give yourself to be truly happy. You have to decide you believe you deserve it. You have to decide you believe that you are safe to feel that way. You have to decide to believe that it’s not all about to be pulled out from under you, or decide that even if it is that you may as well truly enjoy it and know that you are fully capable of dealing with whatever comes up in the future.

It’s a perfectly normal response to the trauma so many of us have experienced in life to have beliefs about the potential for the swift withdrawal of happiness. The shit has hit the fan in the past. But it’s so important now, as adults to look at those beliefs when they come up and decide whether or not they should be in the driving seat in this situation. In my audio course I call it pulling up a chair for trauma. It’s important to know its name. And it’s important to decide where you want it to sit.

Learning to give yourself permission is one of the most important skills we’ll ever acquire. Everyone always talks about how they gave it to themselves, but no one ever shows you how they did it. I will. I’ve created a mini-course to teach you how to do it. We’ll go deeper into the concept of Permission, what it is, what it isn’t, where it lives, and give you some tools you can use to learn to actively give it to yourself. A skill you can use over and over again to keep moving in the direction of your dream life and allowing yourself to enjoy it.

The course goes live on August 1st and retails for $49.99. I’ve got a special Pre-Sale offer to anyone who purchases the course between now and midnight PST July 31st. You’ll get the full mini-course and a digital or audio copy of A Little Book of Permission for only $24.99. That’s a 60% off the regular cost of the materials.

The mini-course will be presented as an audio lesson supported by notes provided in a pdf download. In the material we’ll go deeper into the concept of permission, what it means, what it doesn’t, and why so many of us have a hard time doing it. We’ll learn to understand the change sequence and see at which point we might be stuck or are missing permission. We’ll talk about the tools you can use to actively learn how to give yourself permission. A skill you can use over and over again to keep moving your in the direction of your dream life—however that looks to you.So if you’re interested in putting this life skill firmly in your toolkit grab your pre-order special now. And please note: As the course contains a significant amount of intellectual property and is delivered in its entirety on August 1, 2019 there will be no refunds. Please make sure you are interested in making this investment before completing your purchase. Lots of love and permission to be happy, Susie

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