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What do you have to do before you're worthy?

Quote from Brene Brown says The important thing to know about worthiness is that it doesn't have prerequisites.  It's not if or when.

This quote from Brene Brown hit my inbox last week and I wanted to share it with you. So much of the procrastination and inaction or paralysis we face when moving towards our dreams is based in not feeling worthy.

Sometimes we have a very long list about what we have to do before we are worthy of being loved, visible, even just taking up space on the planet. The list can include things like I have to lose weight, have so much money, be nice, take a course, have the things that make me appear to fit in, speak a particular way, etc.

Rip down a few of those obstacles to jump. You don't have to. Work only on figuring out how to accept the truth that you are worthy right now, exactly as you are. Build from there.

Much love,


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