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What I hear from successful women all the time

I love podcasts and listen to shows on many different topics. I really like to listen to a lot of different ones about women starting businesses and creating their success on their own terms. Women who have been successful at disconnecting from business worlds with their glass ceilings and inflexible conditions. It’s inspiring and I use it to keep me going with my own work in the world. But there is one thing I hear on almost every damn episode.

When guests are asked “how did you start?” They all talk about having to give themselves permission. That’s the common theme. You don’t need more tools, more courses, more research, more money, or more help. You can have all those things. But first you have to give yourself permission to have the life and do the work you want. If you don't find a way to do this you'll find yourself stuck, blocked, and stalling on the actual doing of what needs to be done. (Guilty!)

A Little Book of Permission is my attempt to help you start that conversation with yourself. It’s an exercise to begin pulling down the barriers we have built and believe that have taken away our self-permission to get on with creating and curating our own version of our lives.

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