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You don't have to know this.

It’s not surprising to me that 45% of people who take the Permission Personality Quiz wonder exactly what is meant when they hear “You have to give yourself permission.”

If we break down the emotional process of choice it looks like this: Desire > Decide > Do. Permission lives in the “Decide” portion of the progression. And because change and choice exhibit power and sovereignty, it’s not something that has been systematically included in the teaching of women historically. What you desire and what you do may be totally different and the decision portion is often collected by others. Most of the systems out there are things we as women, often need to change, bend, smash, break etc to make room for ourselves as ourselves. It’s absolutely no wonder at all that we haven’t been passed a beautifully engineered pathway that articulates and teaches us how to decide what we want and how to take action to get it. That would change things. And that is what giving ourselves permission does. So don’t panic if it doesn’t make complete sense or if it doesn’t feel easy to find. We are basically on a building site learning to articulate how to do it!

The exercise of decluttering what you don’t have to do, as in A Little Book of Permission, is in my mind one of the easier ways to get to a place where you start making decisions about what you want to do. The act of deciding is the bridge between desire and doing. We have ALL been stuck at desire and been incapable for no logical external reason of not taking action. Permission is that moment of decision.

My goal is to help coaches, mentors, and teachers of all sorts incorporate knowledge of the need for permission for their clients within their work to actually get and action the results the learning materials can provide. I believe that incorporating permission tools and centring consent in our work is one of the simplest ways to help women practice personal sovereignty and change the world like we dream.

I’ll be launching my Permission for Coaches Course on April 16th. If you would like to reserve a spot now you will receive 50% off the normal price of $299.00! (I'll also send you an audio copy of A Little Book of Permission to tide you over until we start).

The course will centre the leadership role in incorporating permission, but if you are a student you are most welcome to take it too and learn about what you might want to require of your teachers in the future.

Alternatively you can grab a copy of A Little Book of Permission here or on any major online retailer.

With love,


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