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Stop hoarding all the shoulds.

One of my dreams is to make the world a gentler place. Not a different place, but one where we have the energy left to engage with the bad things like climate change, and systematic racism, and putting corporations back in some sort of container that serves the common good. To do the big things, so that we’re not fighting our own creations instead of truly experiencing this human existence. When I think about the work that it will take to make any progress on some of these issues, the commitment and grind it takes to stop the big wheels churning and point them a different way, I get stopped. Not because I’ve never worked that hard, because I have, I know what it took out of me in a world that doesn’t support rest, or prioritise my health, and well being. Creating the bandwidth to get on with doing what we care about is one of the most critical challenges we face when we are trying to make change. In A Little Book of Permission I show you one way to begin to make space so you can get started on the things you love and want to do. Marie Kondo and her house decluttering work is genius, but we have to do this work in our head too! We’ve been hoarding shoulds and have tos and it can get so heavy you can’t move. Set some down today. If you'd like a copy of the book, you can order A Little Book of Permission directly click here (especially if you’d like it signed and dedicated). There are also eBooks and audio available to download right now if you don’t want to wait. Need to do some decluttering without spending right now? You can also follow along on the @give_yourself_permission Instagram feed for a dose of “Sigh of The Day” with more ideas for mental decluttering. Click the highlights for Sigh of The Day and it's like a mini-book! Hope to see you over there. With love, Susie

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