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Did anyone teach you this? Not me.

I was never taught how to give myself permission. Not at home in my childhood, not in school, or when I got my university degree.

Not when I worked for 20 years as a marketing and business development executive in three different countries. Not when I took personal development courses that gave me a lot of information about what I could do to make my life or business better. Everyone had a lot of ideas about what we can do “if we put our minds to it” or “just let yourself do it.” But no one ever sat me down and gave me a clear understanding of what that meant and how to do it. It took me a long time and a lot of frustration to realise that this was the missing part of the equation. I knew what I wanted and I knew what to do. I just didn’t know how to always give myself permission to take the action or understand why I couldn’t always just skip to the doing in the first place. When I wrote A Little Book of Permission two years ago it was the first step of me starting to articulate what I believe are the missing pieces of the conversation. So many of us are worn out and stuck in this in-between place and I don’t want that to be true anymore. I want to start the conversation about what Permission is and how to give it to yourself and help others do it too. I released my course Permission for Coaches last month where I talk about this in detail. I’m so passionate that we begin having this conversation, that we begin teaching each other how to give ourselves permission, that I want more than just coaches and teachers to hear this stuff. So to celebrate this long weekend here in the UK I’m offering all my community a special deal on the course. I want you to hear this information too and even though it centres being a coach in the material there is so much there for everyone. It’s an audio course, so each day you receive a link to a short audio lesson. Each one is no more than 15 minutes long and there are pdf notes of the discussion. You can fast forward after Day 2 (refunds are available until then). Day 1: We learn what Permission is. Day 2: How to give Permission to yourself and others. Day 3: Helping your clients/yourself take action on what they are learning. Day 4: Getting permission to be their teacher and how a consent-based culture will change the world. Day 5: Recap and tool kit. I want all of us to be more successful while we change the world for the better, and I truly believe that’s possible. So if you would like to join the conversation I'm discounting the course $250 with the use of the coupon code “Conversation” at check out. For this weekend only you'll pay only $49. (May 3-6, 2019) Check it out here.

With love, Susie

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