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You don't have to believe before you decide.

We usually want something before we know how to get it. We perhaps want to feel more free, or to feel more secure, or how to give ourselves permission to do many things without exactly knowing what that means or how to get it. The power of change comes in the commitment, the decision to see if you can. You don't have to believe that you understand how it's possible before you start. I don't know where that particular thought stuff started, but let's call it time on language that tells you believing is a pre-requisite. It can be a recipe for never actually starting the action that takes you there!

Creating space and permission for curiosity to ask the questions is one of the big first riddles you must solve on your epic adventure. How might I do that? We're often way too embarassed to admit we don't know, so our curiousity is often sentenced to subversive games of prolonged internet research wormholes when a frank question to someone knowledgeable would be so much faster. When you decide that you are allowed to ask questions you get to move through. When you decide that you are allowed not to know you disentangle your worthiness from some idea of perfection.

One of the techniques I use, the "you don't have to" list, helps to declutter the energetic burden of the shoulds or have to's that I forgot I was lugging along behind me. The space that you create by using just that one tool makes some room for your curiosity. And that makes it much easier to make decisions because you know you can bear the next steps.

In my work I want to help individuals and coaches incorporate Permission techniques to allow more people to actually get where they want to go. We need to not only recognise how we can use Permission for ourselves, but how if conciously we make space for it in our offerings, we we help people get better results and ultimately be more successful. And we get to do that by remaking the world into one that centres consent and saves a seat at the table for the trauma we all carry. I'm so excited about this work!

If you want to know more I’ll be launching my Permission for Coaches Course on April 16th. If you would like to reserve a spot now you will receive 50% off the normal price of $299.00! (I'll also send you an audio copy of A Little Book of Permission to tide you over until we start).

The course will centre the leadership role in incorporating permission. If you are an individual you are most welcome to take it too and learn more techniques for incorporating self-permission and about what you might want to require of your teachers in the future. With love, Susie

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